On May 1st, I headed to Flyjiin, in Old Port Montréal; excited about this session I was about to attend. Yep, I was about to re-discover the martini, a drink I thought I knew well enough given that I am a big fan of lychee and apple martinis. Was I ever wrong! It turns out that I did not know much about Agent 007’s favorite drink. 



It’s with the enthusiastic Ali Dedianko, brand ambassador for Belvedere Vodka, that we all sat down in the fancy “tavern’’ looking restaurant and started talking martinis.  A few minutes into the session, Ali clearly realized that we were not connoisseur…  So to help us better understand the evolution of this infamous cocktail, she began with a brief history on its origins. 

Ali Dedianko

To my great surprise we were also advised that, as a group, we would be making our very own signature martini drink the Belvedere way!  While exploring and tasting separately the 4 main components of this delicious concoction (the method, the vermouth, the ratio and the garnish), Ali also explained how they came about and the different variances/substitutions over time.  

The Lingo

Ali graciously gave us insight on the lingo. Asking for a martini at the bar and living it up to the bartender to figure out what I want is now a thing of the past. I know my lingo!

Wet, dry, or extra dry, refer to the ratio of gin or vodka to vermouth.
I can have it dirty where olive juice or olive brine will be mixed in.
I can order it with a twist, and it will be served with lemon peel instead of an olive. 
On the rocks, neat, or straight up, will determine whether or not I get ice in my martini.

Et Voilà! As a group, we ended up with a tasty shaken, yet martini with wit a lemon twist. 

Will you make this yummy drink your summer cocktail???  I sure will.