The model cast with  Petrona Jacqueline Joseph and Gerry Pitt

"Never say never" and right they were. A month ago, while briefly enjoying the model’s life at the FMD, I said that stepping on the catwalk would be my first and last time doing such thing. However, I must say that I could not help myself when Petrona Jaqueline Joseph sent out a message saying that Ava Paris was going to show case her latest collection at the Souche Magazine event and that I would be allowed to be part of the modeling cast. I mean, who says no to Petrona and Ava Paris

The Event

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Souche Magazine presented its first edition of the Souche Festival. For two days, companies working in the field of fashion, beauty, hair and heath, joined forces for a weekend of festivities at the Palais des congrès de Montreal. Gathering people of all ethnicities, the event aimed at the woman of today who is well aware and devote to art, culture, relationship and so much more.

My experience, The Show, The collection

Walking into the venue, a beautiful tall black man quickly greeted me. The red of my hair quickly gave away who I was and what I was here for. He carried on telling me that it was one of the first models there, guided me to where I should drop off my bag and within minutes we hopped on the catwalk. Little did I know I was in the presence of Gerry Pitt, modeling coach extraordinaire! This man exude elegance prestige and authority and boy does he knows how to bring it to the catwalk!

Gerry and I

There is definitely a learning curve to properly strolling the catwalk and I'm no exception. The body language, the positioning of the feet, the pause, the attitude. I can’t hide the fact that I felt oh so privileged to have been coached by such an impressive man. There is much more to modeling then one might think. Makeup, dress up and line up and then came the moment that surprisingly scared me less than the last time.

Ethnic fabrics, vibrant colors and fluidity in the movement is how I would describe the collection.

The know more about Souche Magzine and their whereabouts click here. As for Ava Paris and her collection visit Facebook page right here.
Did you know that not only Petrona Jaqueline Joseph is a great event coordinator she also write a blog? Follow her adventures right here.
Saving the best for last… Are you an aspiring model or a model looking the perfect your walk? If so make sure that you attend one of Gerry modeling coach. Follow him here for more information.


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