I have always considered myself as an artist. I mean, I draw, decorate, style and sing a little. It`s genetic!  In my family we are all about art, whichever the type. My father being an accomplished musician and my mother a talented seamstress what a waste it would have been if this passion for art did not make it to my siblings and I DNA.

I sometimes create... I deconstruct shirts or dresses to make them my own; I find a new utility for a picture frame and turn a broken necklace into a fabulous earring. However, never would I have thought that designing an accessory line, made out of ceramic tiles ,would have been in the cards for me.

A behind the scene look at me working

When this challenge was proposed to me by one of my clients, Daltile, I said yes to it but secretly had no clue where I was going to go with it.  When in doubt, tell the clients yes and figure it out later I guess... 

Through the creative process a bunch of ideas crowded my head but I was still unclear on the colors I should go for or the size of tiles I should be using. Oh and how do I incorporate carpet (yes C-A-R-P-E-T) into all of this?

Well, here is the final result.

I must say that the client was really please with was shown on the catwalk and trust me, I could not be happier.

Happy client, my team and I

I want to say thank you to 2 of our best local designers, LuShyne and Anomal Couture. Without your beautiful clothes none of what I designed would have looked this good.

Me and Sonia from Anomal Couture

Me, the girls and Luis from LuShyne

Thanks to my amazing models: Ludovic, Simona, Sylvie, Lorena, Kara, Dasha, Jade, Emmy and Miss Earth Quebec –Jade. You were both beautiful and charismatic and showed an incommensurable professionalism.

I want to thank my amazing team PERRRYM, made out of Patrick, Eric, Rachel, Richard ( the other R is for Rosa-Farline), Yves and Myriam. It was not always easy but we made it happen.



Picture credits: Tioto Photography
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