To some, a trend gets outdated once the Kim K and her clan and the most popular blogger of this world stop wearing them. To me, they are no such thing. One should wear what they feel good in while looking flawless in it. Whether or not it is soooo 2 days ago, should not matter.

I used to be a pretty conservative girl. Wearing certain things where they meant to be worn and called it a day. Boring right? Lol. I must say that just a few years ago, I would not have ventured the streets of Montreal in a pastel latex dress.

Of course, I left my handcuffs and whip at home. I figured that an Aldo purse the same colour as my dress with a snake like skin pair of pumps from the same brand would be best suited for what was on my agenda.

The funny thing is when I walk in my photographer'studio; the back drop and I were kind of under the same vibe.

I particularly like this dress because unlike what is expected of a latex outfit to look like, it is not as shiny as what we play around with in the bedroom.  The cut and the fit of my dress are less suggestive and perfect to seal a deal for what's in my brain and not popping out the dress.

On a chill day like today, I simply throw on a Bedo jacket in a similar shade and I am good to go.

The look

Dress: Want My Look
Earrings: Aldo Accessories
Bangles: It has been too long for me to remember (lol)
Bag & Shoes: Aldo Shoes

My Glam Squad: 

Makeup  done by Crithicca King for booking contact her here

My hair done and plumped up by: Betty Boop Hairstyles (here for bookings) and Gilgal Beauty Connection (here for all inquieries) 


Picture credits: Tioto Photography
For all booking and inquiries visit their website here, Facebook here and Instagram here

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