There's something beautiful about wearing flowers. From generation to generation this print has been associate with different movements , society groups , gender to now be just a print that is simply part of one's closet. 

One of my favourite thing to wear in the summer is the form fitting cami dress. Easy to put on, it can be made casual with a pair of Converse or  chic with sky high heels. They come in all colours and length and are perfect for pretty much any social gathering giving the appropriate fabric and print. 

On a day like today, the flower print is ideal to go from the office to a 5 à 7 with a potential customer. 

The Look

Earrings and bracelets: Aldo Accessories

Dress: JLux Label

Jeans jacket: H&M

Shoes: Aldoshoes

My Glam Squad: 

Makeup  done by Crithicca King for booking contact her here

My hair done and plumped up by: Betty Boop Hairstyles (here for bookings) and Gilgal Beauty Connection (here for all inquieries) 


Picture credits: Tioto Photography
For all booking and inquiries visit their website here, Facebook here and Instagram here


  1. Hi. sensational styling in high-heeled shoes. Tomorrow share your outfit on my blog. Regards