With my wedding anniversary being today,  I am finding myself wanting to revisit Shelton’s and I big day. Going through my wedding album, I remember how much fun we had and how amazing our guests were. Although I do take into account that it happened 7 years ago, I noticed that not everyone knew what proper wedding attire was. Nowadays, with our modern thinking and the fun most of us have experimenting with fashion, we tend to forget the wedding fashion etiquette.  Then I said to myself, why not demonstrate, explain,show what should be worn at such event. So here is a little guide that you might want to look at   before going shopping for  the next wedding you will be attending.

The out-door wedding

This type of wedding is getting more and more popular and trickier when it comes to the outfit. You want to look gorgeous, comfortable and certainly not like you are over doing it. If you are a fashion lover like I am, you certainly don’t want to go for the demure frowly easy breeze type of dress.  Well there is no need compromise ladies, a beautiful maxi dress or even an A-line pretty dress would make the fashionista in you happy and looking glam.

The daytime formal wedding

Not as free spirited as the out-door wedding and not as dressy as the black tie, the day time wedding usually mean mid-length dress/skirt and nothing too sexy. Since the reception will most likely not last until the late hours of the night, there is no need for all the glittery over the top stuff.

The black tie wedding

The black tie wedding, The type of wedding where almost any extreme glam fashion is accepted.  Sequence, haute-couture depending on the venue and the groom and bride indications, it is the time to unleash your sense of style.  Only one simple rule, never dare to wear white.


So, there you have it… getting ready to attend a wedding should no longer be a puzzle. Simply make sure you dress accordingly to the type you are attending.  But most importantly, whatever you decide on wearing it has to be comfortable and reflect who you are.



  1. zerry ht says:

    OMG!! These wedding dresses are so elegant. I really liked them all and planning to have a long beautiful dress for my cousin’s wedding at one of NYC wedding venues. Hope will find a beautiful dress soon on decent price.