In September 2013, I was one of the few privileged fashion lovers to assist at an underground/intimate fashion show organized by Young Chris where Niapsou Di was one of the featured designers. Almost a year later, that same creator is one of the 6 selected designers that will be showcased in the 2014 Fesitval Mode & Desing of Montreal.

Who is Niapsou Di you might ask? Born and raised in Senegal, Niapsou Di moved in to Montreal about 6 years ago. Describing himself as “just some guy who really likes to express himself through clothes”, Niapsou kindly  answered some of my questions a few days before his show last year. Here is what we talked about.


Styled by Farline: When did you discover you had a passion for fashion?
Niapsou Design: I knew it since I could ever remember. But I never thought I would make a job out of it.

SBF: What does fashion means to you?
ND: Fashion is a mundanity oriented thing. I personally don't like fashion. I love clothes tough and the way they could be expressed through style. This is why Fashion dies every season only Style remains.

SBF: How would you define your personal style?
ND: Edgy. My style is a result of a lot of main trends especially from the eighties mixed with new and informal cuts. It's basically about getting inspiration from the past but giving it our own interpretation.

SBF: How would you define fashion here in Montreal?

SBF: What is the general process when creating a collection?
ND: The first step is to decide the idea of the collection based on my inspirations of the moment. Then I start building a sketch board and I think about colors and trends according to the season. Then I start making the pieces. But I don't sketch all the pieces, just a few to get me started.

SBF: What was the theme for this collection?
ND: I didn't really think of a theme for this collection but there were few ideas I wanted to express trough this collection while exploring shapes volumes with the high/low pieces as well as the puffy dresses. I also put an emphasis on shoulders (I like working on the shoulders) and some pieces with details on the back.

SBF: How do you prepare yourself before a fashion show?
ND: Well I basically work until the last hour. I make the pieces, try them on the model to see how it looks and hang on the body. Sometimes I undo them and make some changes. I also have many fitting sessions because you are never too sure which model should wear what outfit. There are many other steps and a lot of last minute changes.

SBF: How would you describe your customer?
ND: My costumer is above all free from mainstream styles. My costumer is not afraid to show that we are all unique and that we need to express that in our own way. My costumer hates commonality and likes to dress for the sake of dressing but somehow likes to show a sense of artsy and dandy like. (It's actually never too sophisticated)

SBF: Where can we buy your pieces?
ND: For now my pieces are not for sale. I'm just showing what Niapsou Design is about. But I do take few orders here and there when a costumer really want something I made.

SBF: What is next for you now?
ND: I've worked on 3 collections this year and I feel like people didn't really get to see them and make the relation between each. So I'm willing to host an event soon where I will show all my pieces. Also I'm going to start selling my clothes in 2014 so I will be coming with a lot of updates and an official interface where costumers could appreciate my pieces.

There you have it. Stay tuned with FDM and Farline to find out when Niapsou Di collection will be on the runway.

Until then,


What I saw on September 2013

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