As I am getting ready for a very special date night with my husband, I caught myself really thinking about the kind of outfit I should be wearing…  I mean, my aim is never to impress anybody, I just enjoy putting a look together and I never really over think it. I usually go with my mood and what feels right at the moment. But given that he is the one that sees all that I have in my closet, the one that gets to see me walking erratically into the house egger to show my fab finds and yes let’s admit it, the one that sometimes will play stylist with me, I wanted a sexy, cool kind a look for our very special night.

And then it just dawn to me… What could possibly make him look twice as I walk out the bedroom? Sheer… No, not the Rihanna kind a sheer (you dirty minds) but the one you and I could actually dare to wear outside.

For the longest time, sheer has been associated with lingerie, has been used on the higher end of fashion and evidently at the celebrity “I cannot wear that” level. But it seems that now and more than ever, sheer has climbed a few steps on the “regular stylish gal” fashion ladder. Yup, it is now possible for you and me to sport the sheer in a chic and classy way. Here is how.






 And this how I did sheer on my date night...


Skirt is from H&M that I bought earlier this spring
Bodysuit (one piece) is from a little store a Plaza St-Hubert purchased in October last year
Little black booties are from Steve Madden and I got them about 10 years ago
Earrings and bangles are from Aldo Accessories purchased about 3 years ago


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