The starts were perfectly aligned for me on the 15th edition for the FMD. One night I met with the legendary extraordinaire Patricia Field to then conquer one of my fears, strutting the catwalk, the following night. I will repeat myself and say that until you cross over, you have no clue how much fun and how empowering your fear can become.

Under the direction of the ever so glam designer and artistic director Jason Noel, I was part of the elite line up showcasing a variety of local designers’ collections. My only task, walk that catwalk like only a pro would do it. Please, keep in mind that I have never done such a thing in front of that many witnesses before. First thing running through my mind; you are Sacha Fierce so please do not fall!!!!

Well my first time was a blast and sent me straight on cloud nine. Do not ask me if it was still sunny out or if any familiar faces were smiling at me in the crowd. All I know is that rush of adrenaline and how I had to get my hands on every single items from ADN collection.


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Want to stop time and immortalized a moment, Rebel Hornet is the company for you. Two of some of my personal achievements, (co-pilot on a Cessna, and walking the catwalk in front of a massive crowed) have been captured in photos this month. Not only will I always remember both experiences, I now have proof to hang on my walls. How cool is that?! For all requests and inquires check out their website here.

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