Red leaves, cold mornings, and cloudy days… There is no doubt fall has finally arrived. While most of us still mourn summer, I on the other hand embrace the season. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss my warm sunny days, but there is something special about fall. It’s the “clothes for the soul” season, or so I call it. We get on the layering mode, beautifully crafted pullovers are coming out, and the most fabulous transitional jackets get to be worn. It is time to put to rest our pastel and neon colors, to take out warmer and cozier colors. And what about the classic prints?

Being a former private school girl, it took a while before the tartan print could find its self on my “fall must have” list. Let’s just say I did not quite enjoy having to wear that uniform. The navy blue and green pattern did not quite do it for me.

My opinion has totally changed since. The tartan is now one of my classic prints and a must when putting together a fall closet. Whether one does it head to toe or in a more subtle way, the tartan print is a guaranteed eye catcher this autumn.

Let’s get inspired.


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