It’s a known fact, you may have a killer outfit but if you hair is not on point you might as well stay home. Your hair is an extension of your style and often sets the tone of your entire look.

I have tried numerous hair styles in the past years. My signature look right now is the tight curls with lots of volume. But this afro inspired hair was not always my go to look… I had have my hair Halle Berry short, red, with a bob, with caramel highlights, braided all black with bleach blond in the back. Did they all look great on me; I’d like to think so. However, looking at some of my pictures makes me wonder what I was really going on with me… 


Back in December, when participating to a non-lucrative event, I met with this amazing hairdresser, Betty. With a larger than life personality and refreshingly humble I felt compelled to know more about her and the services that she offers.

It’s at the tender age of thirteen that Betty realized that hair was her passion. At fifteen years old she decided to try the beauty school and learn more about the art of hairdressing. Although her teachers were very pleased with her and often mentioned that she was really talented, Betty did not complete her courses and got herself a job at a barbershop to perfect her art. She has since worked for an impressive list of salon such as Le Secret d’Achaia and Jenifred as well as well-known artists like Ana Montana, Joyce and Vanessa from Occupation Double and TheaCruz.

Ana Montanna



Thea Cruz

A little more than two weeks ago, Betty opened her own salon. Located on 2328 Fleury East street in Montreal, the news made a lot of fashionistas (including myself) and well groomed man ecstatic!  

Her work (pictures taken from her Facebook and Instagram accounts)

5 things you need to know about  Betty

1.     She dreams of the day that the city will be sprinkled with B. Boop Hairstyles franchises.

2.     Hardworker is her middle name.  On her own, she deals with ten to twelve clients from Friday to Saturday. And believe me, everyone comes out of the salon looking fabulous!

3.     She says it like it is. If it will not look good she will say it and will suggest something that will suit the client better.

Special Announcements!!!

And now the announcements that I have been diying to let you know since I typed the first letter of this article.

1.     B. Boop will have her on segment on the blog!!! Once a month, she will give you tips and tricks and fill you in on the latest hair trends.

2.     To celebrate the opening of her salon, B. Boop Hairstyles is proud to offer you, for the month of April and May, 50% discount on her services.

I am jumping for joy! I mean there is now no reason for anyone of us to have a bad hair day.

For more information on B.Boop Salon check out her Facebook page here and make sure that you follower her on Instagram right here.


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