One of the many things that I like about Montreal is our fashion/party life.  Not too long ago, a good friend of mine came up to me and said: “Girl, I did not know that so many fashion events were taking place right here in Montreal!”  And she could not be more accurate. Montreal is booming with all kinds of fashion and art events and unless you are actively part of this world, they might fly right by you.

On Thursday June 18th, right after attending Le Cahier new clothing line launch, here to see and read about it, I set sail to La Scena located in our trendy Old Port. Awaiting me, the newest collections from Amuse Society and JuneSwimwear.

Sexy, sultry and playful… The words do not even do justice to what I have seen that night.  Here is a look of my favorite pieces.

If you had no clue of what to sport at the beach this summer, there you have it. To know more about Amuse Society visit them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  The same could be done for June Swimwear, on Facebook and Instagram


There is nothing like a great picture to capture what was seen the night of an fashion event. Regardless of the lighting conditions or the venue’s tricky set up, a talented photographer will ensure that you see the essential; the pieces of art parading in front of an excited audience. That is exactly why I have teamed up with Rebel Hornet.  Check them out by visiting their website here and Facebook page here.

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