Many times we find ourselves limited in our work wear by what we call ''The Ethic of Work Clothing''. We abide by rules that, more than often, are outdated to avoid uncomfortable comments or stares, and steer clear of what we truly want to wear to blindly conform to the boring trends or the so-called proper work attire.

I understand that the mini skirt and the lace bralette do not have their place in an office and that the shredded jeans and the deep-v dress should be kept for the weekend and a hot date. But, a little open back could surely be of good taste...

Through my work as a fashion stylist, I recently discovered a talented local designer, Patricia Nicolas.  Pure, clean lines and let’s say it quite timeless, the pieces found in her first collection are beautiful. 

My latest work involving Patricia Nicolas, picture credits Marcel Cristocea

I fell in love with a superb blouse with a beautifully craft open back. Sexy and appropriate for work! Because I like to keep it casual chic at times, a fabulous pair of leggings from Nemrac Styles and great pumps brought my look together. Add in a nice bag and a dash of confidence and I am ready for a client’s meeting.


On me

Open back blouse: Patricia Nicolas.
Leggings: Nemrac Styles
Heels and bag: Justfab.ca
Earings and ring: Forver21
Necklace: http://www.ardene.com/


Special thanks to Marcel Cristocea Photography for the fabulous pictures. For all inquiries visit their website here.

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