As spring slowly gets comfortable the first few days of April, so does all the fashion gatherings. We found ourselves eager to see what magnificent attire propositions our talented designers have to offer us. And of course like every other season, it is the Fashion Preview that opens the ball.

What I like about this creative time of year is that not only do we get to see and experiment what has been inhabiting the mystical mind of our creators for the last few months, we also get to take part of this inspiring melting pot of art simply by the way we dress up while admiring what's being unveiled on the catwalk. Most of the time, when it is done right, there is also a show happening while waiting for the main one to start.

It's still a lot colder than I would have liked it to be, but I could not wait to take this piece out of my closet! This flirty little dress redefines the cocktail dress and is perfect for Day 1 of the Fashion Preview. Corset like on top and blast from the 80’s at the bottom, I must say that this dress lifts up my spirit and turns me on playful mode. Loud enough on its own, all I need is a black simple pair of pumps and a camera when seating in the front row.
The Look

Dress: Want My Look

Earrings: H&M

Shoes: Aldo Shoes

Hair Squad: Betty Boop Hairstyles and Gilgal Beauty Connections



Special thanks to
Marcel Cristocea Photography for the fabulous pictures. For all inquiries visit their website here.

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