Day one of what has clearly replaced the Montreal Fashion Week has been a blown out success! Yes, L'Agora Hydro-Quebec de l’UQUAM may not have been up to Ogilvy’s the standards; however, the essence of the event, the designers, certainly did not disappoint. The newbie’s as well as former resident left me mesmerized.

The whispers in the room confirmed what first came to my mind. Grandiose, but unlike the Helmer that we know, the big collars and the intensity of the colours left us all in awes. I for one appreciated the change and can guarantee you that the sophistication he is known for was definitely kept.

From the first time I laid eyes on this extraordinary designer’s creations, I knew that our city was seating on a raw talent. Master of the effortless elegance LeinadBeaudet once again kept the public captured by his collection and «mise en scène». With his trade mark elastic waistband and sober colours, it is no longer a secret that Leinad is a lover of woman and knows how to dress them.

I was kept captivated throughout the rest of the night with how only Travis Tadeo knows how to bring life and style to a simple «t-shirt like» attire or how the modern cuts of  Allcovered Fashion are for the woman that does it all.

Allcovered Fashion 

Travis Tadeo

Another of my favourite last night was WRKDEPT. What a way to cloture day one. The brand has kept its eccentric ways and eclectic way of presenting. No one does it like WRKDEPT .


Picture credits: Tioto Photography

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