With the first real spring weekend came the first edition of L’AVM- The GentleMan’s Repertoire. Hosted and organized by Serge JeanLaviolette, this salon had for sole purpose to reunite “La crème de la crème” when it came to men’s wear and their luxurious life style. It is in the very well decorated Entrepôts Dominion that a selected group of people got to discover a man’s secret garden.

Seen here with Serge Jean Laviolette

Over then 15 designers and artisans of fashion gathered under one roof to offer us a weekend of what the modern man is all about.

The Newbie: Mystiq MTL takes the Montreal street style to an ethical dark rock n' roll vibe.

The Hip and Cool: Maison Bourdon

My mini me wearing La Maison Bourdon

The Happy Encounters

Alexandre dit Sandy

Studio Caroline Théorêt



Gallerie d'art - Young Mind New Art

With Sands LCP models , Alexandre dit Sandy and L'Effet Papillion Création

With my better half


Picture credits: Tioto Photography

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