Anyone that knows me knows that I am always on the look for the next fashion location. Given the nature of my job, stylist-blogger, discovering new boutiques often finds its way on my to do list. Ok, ok it is also because I LOVE shopping and trying on clothes. There I said it!

For quite some times now, I have been following ERA Vintage Wear boutique. Always intrigued by the fabulousness of the clothes Elaine Léveillé, boutique owner, posted on her different social media, it was only normal to have the boutique next on my list of boutique to visit.

Elaine Leveille

Now located on the 5th floor of 1001 Lenoir street in Montreal, the boutique is a beautifully decorated loft. Having a background in art and a larger than life one in fashion, you automatically feel like Elaine knows what she is talking about when it comes to vintage clothing and style.

Deconstructed for a second life

Era Vintage Wear boutique is not just your regular vintage boutique. Evidently, like any other good vintage store of its kind, amazingly well kept clothes from another era can be found. However, what made the boutique stand out for me was how Elaine would dismantle an entire Chanel dress for instance, and transform it into a superb skirt and chemisier that will most likely not be worn together. She also offers the skills of an amazing seamstress that will adjust to your silhouette just anything and everything. Now that is the way to treat the vintage lovers!

Obviously, something would have been extremely wrong with me if I did not give a proper home to at least one of the beautiful pieces surrounding me. This is where my dilemma started.

I ended up choosing this gorgeous purple cape and a reconstructed “badass” leather dress! The dress will be featured in one of the photo shoot I have been working on... so stay tuned.

For more info on the boutique and to meet with Elaine (she will become your fashion therapist trust me) visit Era Vintage Wear on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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