As a child, I never really got into Halloween. I must say that coming from a first generation immigrant family that was not a “holiday” that my parents cared much for. Older, I saw it as a great way to get together with friends and have fun while looking silly (not that a special day was needed for that). The only issue about it is how some of the girls, myself included, thought that looking overly sexy or trashy was the way to go. I get it, I too did not desire looking like a potato bag or clown. But ladies, there has to be other options then the playboy bunny and the skimpy red riding hood.


This year I have decided to go a different route, I thought why not portray my version of Maleficent. Why not mixt Halloween with what I do? Scary and couture, were the guide lines to my glam Halloween. 

On me:

Dress: Lu Shyne
Shoes: Ardene
Accessories: Aldo

Special thanks to the amazing photographer Marcel from Marcel Cristocea Photography and the fabulous makeup artist Dorota from Dorota S. Goulet Makeup Artist


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